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The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education voted to restructure the Commission. Effective January 1, 2024, the Commission is divided into a CAPTE Board, three PT panels and three PTA panels. Ten members comprise each PT panel thus thirty commissioners serve on the PT Candidacy/Initial, PT Reaffirmation, and the PT AASC/RAI panels. Twelve members comprise each of the PTA panels resulting in thirty-six commissioners serving on the PTA Candidacy/Initial, PTA Reaffirmation, and the PTA AASC/RAI panels. These panels review program documents and make accreditation status recommendations to the CAPTE Board. Individuals on the CAPTE Board and panels possess varied backgrounds.

The CAPTE Board is charged with:
• evaluating whether a program meets the standards of quality in physical therapy education.
• determining what standards of quality to use (i.e., the Standards).To serve on CAPTE, members, with the exception of public members, must have served in the Cadre of On-site Reviewers and have participated in at least three on-site visits. The two public members are exempt from this requirement, though they do observe a visit following their appointment to CAPTE.

Members of CAPTE are physical therapist educators and clinicians, physical therapist assistant educators and clinicians, higher education administrators, and representatives of the public.


Christine P Baker, PT, EdD, FAPTA
University of Texas Medical Branch
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2024

Frank Bates, PT, DPT, MBA
PT Candidacy/Initial Panel Chair
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2024

Sammi Beckmann, PTA, MBA
PTA Educator or Clinician
NorthWest Arkansas Community College
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2026

Kevin K Chui, PT, DPT, PhD
PT Reaffirmation Panel Chair
Radford University
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2025

Jamie Dyson, PT, DPT
PT Clinician
Central Florida Regional Hospital
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2025

Marina-Thais Douenat
Public Member
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2026

Laura Forester
Public Member
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2025

Peggy Blake Gleeson, PT, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus; Adjunct
Texas Woman’s University
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2024

Charlene S Jensen, PT, DPT
PTA Reaffirmation Chair
Riverside College of Health Careers
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2025

Brenda Lyman, MBA, OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA
Higher Education Administrator
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2025

Catherine Ortega, PT, EdD
PT RAI/AASC Panel Chair
University of Utah
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2026

Laura A Sage, PT, DPT, MEd
Pima Medical Institute
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2024

Elane K Seebo, PhD, MA, MEd, BA
PTA Reaffirmation Chair
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2026

Kathryn R Zalewski, PT, PhD, MPA
CAPTE Chair-elect
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Term expires: Dec. 31, 2024

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