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This page provides a comprehensive list of resources for CAPTE Commissioners.

CAPTE Meetings & Travel

View dates of upcoming CAPTE Meetings. Travel arrangements for meetings, expedited reconsideration, and focused visits should be made using the Travel Portal, located within the CAPTE portal. Any unique considerations related to travel arrangements and meeting attendance, i.e., dietary restrictions, early arrival or departure, should be discussed with CAPTE staff as soon as details become available.

The CAPTE Community pages, which are only accessible to Commissioners, are used in preparation for meetings of the Commission and contain announcements, panel agendas, background information for discussion topics/issues, and the draft Summaries of Action for all programs identified on the next meeting agenda of the Commission.

CAPTE Accreditation Portal

The CAPTE Accreditation Portal provides Commissioners with an opportunity to keep their personal and professional information current, update conflicts with programs before and after meetings, and review all related materials for programs assigned to them for review, i.e., Self-study Reports, Applications for Candidacy, Compliance Reports. All program documentation is available through the CAPTE Accreditation Portal and other designated file-sharing platforms.