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CAPTE does not accredit, certify, approve or otherwise legitimize the academic credentials of individuals who received their physical therapy education in other countries.

For information related to obtaining a license to practice in the US, visit the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, the Foreign Credentialing Commission for Physical Therapy or the American Physical Therapy Association.

Currently Accredited Foreign Programs

CAPTE currently accredits one physical therapy program in another country:

The Robert Gordon University (1998-present)

Previously Accredited Foreign Programs

CAPTE previously accredited programs at the following institutions:

Dalhousie University (1998-2002)
McGill University (1984-2002)
McMaster University (1998-2001)
Queen's University (1996-2002)
Universite de Montreal (1996-2002)
Universite Laval (1997-2002)
University of Alberta (1996-2002)
University of British Columbia (1997-2002)
University of Manitoba (1995-2002)
University of Ottawa (1999-2002)
University of Saskatchewan (1996-2002)
University of Toronto (1998-2016)
University of Western Ontario (1996-2015)

Centre European d'Enseignement en Reeducation et Readaptation Fonctionel (1997-2002)

Northern Ireland
University of Ulster at Jordanstown (1998-2005)

Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven (1998-2002)
Hanzehogeschool van Groningen (1997-2002)
Saxion Hogeschool Enschede / University of Professional Education, Hogeschool Enschede (1994-2002)
Hogeschool van Amsterdam (1996-2002)

No other programs outside the US have ever been accredited by CAPTE.