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All accredited and candidate programs are required to submit an Annual Accreditation Report. This report is used to collect comprehensive data on each program. The data collected is used for program reviews and to create the annual aggregate data and salary reports. The AAR is also used by researchers and other interested parties.
We will notify programs when the 2021 Annual Accreditation Reports (AAR) are available for data entry on the CAPTE portal.

It is imperative that you use the AAR questions to gather your data before entering the data on the Portal. These documents include instructions that are not available on the Portal.

Expanded AARs are no longer required. All accredited programs will now complete a standard AAR, previously known as the Abbreviated AAR.

Revised AAR Due Date: Monday, November 15, 2021

Cover Memo
Provides an overview and tips from CAPTE's Executive Director.

Tips and Guidelines for Using the Portal
Provides information not found in the portal, along with general guidance and instruction.

AAR Questions for Accredited Programs

Use these word documents to gather requested data and information on your program. 

Physical Therapist Programs Questions

Physical Therapist Assistant Programs Questions

AAR Questions for Candidacy Programs

Use this document to gather requested data and information for your program.

Candidate Physical Therapist Programs Questions

Candidate Physical Therapist Assistant Programs Questions