• December 6, 2019 (updated 1/6/20)

    CAPTE Mandates

    The information below notes changes in the Rules of Practice and Procedure; however, it does not delineate all of the recent changes. Programs are reminded that it is their responsibility to adhere to the most current set of Rules and to seek clarification if needed. Of these noted changes to the Rules, some are reflected in Application for Candidacy requirements, and in the AFC Instructions and Forms and are, therefore, critical to the development of new programs. As always, you are encouraged to contact us if you need assistance.

    Changes in the Rules
    CAPTE adopted numerous changes to its Rules, some of which are editorial in nature, some of which are clarifying, and some of which are substantive. The changes of most interest to programs include the following.

    • Part 3 Composition of CAPTE
    • 3.1 Changes to Central Panel composition
    • 3.10 Qualifications for Chair of CAPTE were specified
    • Part 4 Operation of CAPTE
    • 4.14 Further clarity for record retention was made
    • 4.20 Frequency of rules changes was set to occur one time a year for the norm
    • Part 7 Preaccreditation
    • 7.10 Identified who needs to sign the Letters of Intent
    • Part 8 Maintaining Accreditation
    • 8.20 Programs will be required to publish first time pass rates with the other required outcomes starting in 2020.

    Standards and Required Elements Changes
    The full Commission reviewed the proposed changes, including suggestions made by Central Panel from its summer meeting. Although further edits were made, the Commission decided to make final decisions at the spring 2020 meeting.

    Doctoral Preparation Needed Now for ALL PT Programs
    CAPTE will begin enforcing the requirement for doctoral preparation of all core faculty effective January 1, 2020, except for individuals who are enrolled in an academic doctoral degree program on that date, in which case the effective date will be extended to December 31, 2025; this will be monitored in the Annual Accreditation Report.

    CAPTE Definitions
    After a careful review of CAPTE definitions/terms, it was decided that programs are to use CAPTE definitions/terms for all accreditation purposes acknowledging that programs may use other terms for their own purposes.

    Annual Accreditation Report Changes
    As a reminder, the definition of cohort was changed in spring 2019. A cohort to meet the program's CAPTE set class size includes all new students starting the professional/technical program after the add/drop period. Each entering cohort must meet the CAPTE set class size. Programs may admit no greater than 10% (rounding is not permitted) of their CAPTE set class size. Decelerating students are not counted against the CAPTE set class size or 10% restriction.

    The method for calculating graduation rate was revised to eliminate counting re-entering and decelerated students in the CAPTE set class size. The rate no longer includes re-entering or decelerated students.

    Fee Increase
    As adopted at CAPTE's fall 2018 meeting, programs should be reminded that there is an accreditation fee increase in 2022. The new fee is $4,750. Please be sure to put this increase in the academic budget that includes 2022.

    What's New

    Change of Guard

    New Commissioners were elected and retiring Commissioners were recognized at the fall 2019 CAPTE Meeting. Please join me in welcoming the new Commissioners:

    Beverly Johnson, elected Central Panel

    Becky Keith, re-elected Central Panel

    Neal Henning, re-elected PTA Panel

    Kimberly Rouillier, re-elected PTA Panel

    Richard Saia, PTA Panel

    Lisa Stejskal, PTA Panel

    Russell Stowers, PTA Panel

    Leah Dvorak, elected PT Panel

    Peggy Gleeson, re-elected PT Panel

    Sandra Pennington, re-elected PT Panel

    Chair and Vice Chair Elections

    Doreen Stiskal was elected as Chair of CAPTE

    Pam Ritzline was elected Vice Chair of CAPTE

    Sharon Reid was elected Chair of the PTA Panel

    Cindy Buchanan was elected Vice Chair of the PTA Panel

    Joyce Maring was elected Chair of the PT Panel

    Patty Trela was elected Vice Chair of the PT Panel

     Do reach out to the retiring Commissioners and thank them for their excellent service to CAPTE:

    Beth Marcoux—Chair of Commission, Central Panel

    David Greathouse—PT Panel

    Jonna Mayfield—PTA Panel

    Amanda Lopez—PTA Panel

    ELC Activities
    At the suggestion of several CAPTE stakeholders, a session at ELC in early October was held on completing the Annual Accreditation Report (AAR). During the session the revised method for calculating graduation rate was explained as well as how cohort size is defined. It should be noted that cohort size is now defined as all NEW students who matriculate into a program after the add/drop period. Re-entering and decelerated students no longer count in the cohort size or graduation rate. The session was recorded and is available for viewing here.

    Task Forces
    International Accreditation/Certification-- the Task Force is pursuing how other accreditors work with international programs. Once information is collected, Task Force will meet again.

    Scholarship—the Task Force discussed several issues related to identifying and counting scholarship. Data is being collected from other accreditors to further inform the Task Force. Additionally, the frequency of citations related to scholarship will be presented to the Task Force to add evidence to its discussions.

    Core Faculty Workload—several issues were raised related to faculty serving as core at more than one program. Data is being collected to determine how many faculty are reported as serving at more than one program.

    Calculation of Outcomes—the question for the Task Force was whether student outcomes (ie pass rates, employment rates, graduate rates) should be reported in the aggregate by the program or reported for each separate cohort. It was decided to keep student outcomes reported by cohorts. Faculty will be reported in the aggregate regardless of the program's number of cohorts/expansions.

    Just for Your Program (or those around you)
    In addition to the developing and self-study workshops provided at CSM and ELC, CAPTE staff can provide these workshops at your physical location. If interested, you might want to consider inviting programs in your surrounding area. At this time the fee for staff to provide a self-study workshop at a program is calculated at $2,600 per staff member for the first day and $600 per staff member for each additional day. If staff are unable to attend and Commissioners conduct the workshop, an additional $150 per Commissioner per day is added.

    If interested in such a workshop, please reach out to the Lead Specialist to discuss.

    Actions Taken at the Fall 2019 CAPTE Meeting

    At its fall 2019 meeting, the Commission:

    • Made 5 Candidate for Accreditation decisions
    • Made 3 Initial Accreditation status decisions
    • Made 199 accreditation (reaffirm, continue, and substantive change) status decisions
    • Granted 2 program withdrawals at institution request
    • Reviewed 9 substantive change requests
    • Reviewed the most recent pass rates provided by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

    The decisions have been posted on the website.

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