• The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Accreditation Department is comprised of 10 individuals who provide support for the activities related to on-site visits and CAPTE meetings. Staff are also available to respond to questions about the accreditation process.

    Our offices are located at:
    APTA Headquarters
    Accreditation Department
    1111 North Fairfax Street,
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314

    Hours: The Department of Accreditation is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, ET.

    Staff Contact List

    Sandra Wise, PhD (Senior Director)
    Phone: 703/706-3240 | Email: sandrawise@apta.org 
    Sandra brings several decades of experience in various capacities in higher education to the Department of Accreditation. In addition to her service on CAPTE as a Commissioner (2007-2011) and participating as a member of on-site teams since 2000, Sandra has served as a University President, Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean, and faculty member at several different institutions. Her breadth and depth of experience as both a health care and higher education professional will be extremely helpful in managing the Commission and Department staff, and navigating the higher education regulatory landscape while providing leadership for a USDE and CHEA recognized accrediting agency.

    Candy Bahner, PT, DPT, MS (Accreditation - Lead PT Programs Specialist)

    Phone: 703/706-3242 | Email: candybahner@apta.org 
    Candy brings many years of experience in physical therapy education, accreditation, leadership and practice to the Accreditation team. She previously served CAPTE as Commissioner, on-site team leader, and candidacy reviewer. Candy has been a Chair of a DPT program and has experience as the Assistant Chair and Director of Clinical Education. She also has many years of experience as the Director of a Physical Therapist Assistant Program.

    Vacant (Accreditation - Lead PTA Programs Specialist)

    Mike Chevalier, PTA, AAS, BS (Accreditation - Lead Pre-Accreditation Specialist)

    Phone: 703/706-3385 | Email: michaelchevalier@apta.org 
    Since 2016 Mike has been the PTA Program Specialist for Accreditation, working to assist and support the 370 plus PTA programs through their accreditation cycle. Mike is a huge believer in the accreditation process, and the strength and stabilization that CAPTE provides to Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant education. He is also a fan of innovation and exploring different ways of effective teaching and learning. Prior to going back to PTA school, Mike worked in the association industry, where he gained valuable experience in association management, and an appreciation for all of the support and benefits that an association can provide to its members. Mike is a PTA and continues to work PRN when he can. He looks forward to the challenge of managing all of the pre-accreditation activities for the developing PT and PTA education programs!

    Tim Artis (Sr. Accreditation Projects Coordinator)
    Phone: 703/706-3173 | Email: timartis@apta.org

    Tej Chana (Sr. Database Specialist)
    Phone: 703/706-3236 | Email: tejchana@apta.org  

    Eva Donley (Accreditation Office Manager)
    Phone: 703/706-3243 | Email: evadonley@apta.org

    Alicia Dupree (Sr. Accreditation Office Coordinator)
    Phone: 703/706-3244 | Email: aliciadupree@apta.org

    Tasha Johnson (Sr. Accreditation On-site Visit & Travel Coordinator)
    Phone: 703/706-3247 | Email: tashajohnson@apta.org

  • Last Updated: 1/3/2020
    Contact: accreditation@apta.org