• The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Accreditation department is comprised of 10 individuals who provide support for the activities related to on-site visits and CAPTE meetings. Staff are also available to respond to questions about the accreditation process.

    Our offices are located at:
    American Physical Therapy Association
    1111 North Fairfax Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314

    Hours: The Department of Accreditation is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, ET.

    Staff Contact List

    Candy Bahner, PT, DPT, MS (Accreditation - Interim Director)

    Phone: 703/706-3242 | Email: candybahner@apta.org  

    Ellen Price, PT, MEd (Accreditation - Interim Lead PT Programs Specialist)

    Phone: 703/706-8593 | Email: ellenprice@apta.org  

    Cindy Mihelich, PT, MEd (Accreditation - Interim Lead PTA Programs Specialist)

    Phone: 703/706-3213 | Email: cindymihelich@apta.org  

    Mike Chevalier, PTA, AAS, BS (Accreditation - Lead Pre-Accreditation Specialist)

    Phone: 703/706-3385 | Email: michaelchevalier@apta.org

    Tim Artis (Sr. Accreditation Projects Coordinator)
    Phone: 703/706-3173 | Email: timartis@apta.org

    Tej Chana (Sr. Database Specialist)
    Phone: 703/706-3236 | Email: tejchana@apta.org  

    Eva Donley (Accreditation Office Manager)
    Phone: 703/706-3243 | Email: evadonley@apta.org

    Teresa Emmons, PTA, AS, BS (PTA Programs Specialist)
    Phone: 703/706-3231 | Email: teresaemmons@apta.org

    Tasha Johnson (Sr. Accreditation On-site Visit & Travel Coordinator)
    Phone: 703/706-3247 | Email: tashajohnson@apta.org

    Vacant (Sr. Accreditation Office Coordinator)
    Phone: 703/706-3244 | Email: aliciadupree@apta.org

  • Last Updated: 6/1/2020
    Contact: accreditation@apta.org