• December 6, 2017 Update

    The information below notes changes in the Rules of Practice and Procedure; however, it does not delineate all of the recent changes. Programs are reminded that it is their responsibility to adhere to the most current set of Rules and to seek clarification if needed. Of these noted changes to the Rules, some are reflected in Application for Candidacy requirements, and in the AFC Instructions and Forms and are, therefore, critical to the development of new programs. As always, you are encouraged to contact us if you need assistance.

    What's New

    CAPTE Celebration

    CAPTE celebrated its 40th anniversary by hosting receptions at the Education Leadership Conference and before the start of CAPTE’s fall meeting. Prior Commissioners as well as On-site Reviewers were recognized and gratitude for their service extended. A review of CAPTE’s history is available via a PowerPoint presentation. If you are interested in obtaining the presentation, please email Sandra Wise.

    Staffing Update

    As announced in the spring, Candy Bahner officially started her position with CAPTE in June. She is in the role of Lead Specialist for PT Programs. Candy brings many years of experience in physical therapy education, accreditation, leadership and practice to the Accreditation team. She previously served CAPTE as Commissioner, on-site team leader, and candidacy reviewer. Candy has been a Chair of a DPT program and has experience as the Assistant Chair and Director of Clinical Education. She also has many years of experience as the Director of a Physical Therapist Assistant Program. Please do reach out to her with any PT program questions or discussions: candybahner@apta.org

    Change of Guard

    New Commissioners were elected and retiring Commissioners were recognized at the fall 2017 CAPTE Meeting. Please join me in welcoming the new Commissioners:
    Frank Bates, Central Panel
    Pam Ritzline, Central Panel
    Brad Thuringer, PTA Panel
    Sharon Reid, PTA Panel
    Tracy Timmerman, PTA Panel
    Joyce Maring, PT Panel
    Pat Deotte, PT Panel
    Paul Price, PT Panel

    Chair and Vice Chair Elections
    Kim Rouillier was elected Vice Chair of the PTA Panel
    Neal Henning was elected Chair of the PTA Panel
    Peggy Gleeson was elected Vice Chair of the PT Panel
    Bev Johnson was elected Chair of the PT Panel
    Doreen Stiskal was elected Vice Chair of CAPTE
    Beth Marcoux was elected as Chair of CAPTE

    Do reach out to the retiring Commissioners and thank them for their excellent service to CAPTE:
    Dolly Swisher—Chair of CAPTE
    Brad Thuringer—role on Central Panel
    Diana Ploeger—PTA Panel Vice Chair
    Kitty Krieg—PTA Panel
    Catherine Portman—PTA Panel
    Pam Ritzline—PT Panel Chair
    Steve Wilhite—PT Panel
    Mary Edna Harrell—PT Panel

    Strategic Planning

    Prior to the start of the fall meeting, CAPTE engaged in a strategic planning process to guide it through the next 5 years. Through this review CAPTE revised its mission and vision. The following were formally adopted by CAPTE:

    Mission: To ensure and advance excellence in physical therapy education.
    Vision: CAPTE will be the global premier pathway to accreditation in physical therapy education.

    Among the most notable strategic initiatives will be revising processes to be more efficient and management-based, creating a comprehensive assessment process for CAPTE and exploring the accreditation of international PT/PTA programs. CAPTE looks forward to working with all PT/PTA programs in implementing its strategic goals over the next 5 years.

    How are You at Assessment?

    CAPTE understands that new program directors sometimes struggle with knowing how to create a comprehensive program assessment. Consequently, a task force has created an online module titled Assessment for Beginners. If you are interested in completing the module, which includes contact hours, please register at the APTA Learning Center. CAPTE would like to thank Lisa Finnegan for her work in developing the assessment module.

    Actions Taken at the Fall 2017 CAPTE Meeting

    At its October 20-25, 2017 meeting, the Commission:

    • Made 4 Candidate for Accreditation decisions
    • Made 6 Initial Accreditation status decisions
    • Made 151 accreditation (reaffirm, continue, and substantive change) status decisions (1 program on warning, 1 program on probation, 0 program show cause, 3 program withdrawals, 6 substantive changes)
    • Reviewed information regarding changes in program leadership since spring 2017
    • Reviewed the most recent pass rates provided by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

    The decisions have been posted on the website. Going forward programs on CAPTE’s agenda will be notified of decisions via email only. Hard copies will no longer be sent. Thus, program directors and administrators will be notified simultaneously via email of their respective program’s decision.

    Actions for 2018

    The PTA programs up for review in 2018 will be split between 3 CAPTE meetings rather than the usual 2 due to the number of programs on CAPTE’s agenda. Programs have already been notified if there is a change in their CAPTE review date. The Accreditation staff and CAPTE appreciate the patience of the programs in review for 2018 as we work through CAPTE’s agenda.

    Changes in the Rules

    CAPTE adopted numerous changes to its Rules, some of which are editorial in nature, some of which are clarifying, and some of which are substantive. The changes of most interest to programs include the following.

    Parts 3

    • Changed length of service on Commission
    • Created ability of staff to disclose program information to CAPTE if reason to question program’s ability to meet CAPTE standards

    Part 7 Pre-accreditation

    • Clarified that, for the purpose of establishing a Candidacy Review Cycle (§7.8), staff’s determination that the appointed program director meets the minimum qualifications of Element 4G does not supersede the judgement of the Commission, nor does it mean the program meets the expectations of any Standard or Element; such a decision is the purview of CAPTE. Programs are reminded that the pre-accreditation process is voluntary and the burden of proof rests with the program.

    Part 9 Substantive Change

    • Clarified definition of cohort to include new and re-entering students
    • Eliminated the ability to increase class size by 5 with staff consent

    Part 16 Program Fees

    • 16.1 Increase in pre-accreditation fees to a total of $20,000
    • 16.2 Clarified annual fees are due even when a cohort is not started
    • 16.2 Increase in fees for 2020

    Your Program's Webpage Update

    As provided for in CAPTE's Rules and Procedures, all programs need to update their webpage annually with the latest student outcomes. Programs are asked to do this following the submission of the Annual Accreditation Report (AAR). Keep in mind the rates are now averaged over two years and the employment rate is calculated based on 12 months rather than 6 months. These student outcomes need to be posted within only one click of the program's homepage. If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Wise.

    CAPTE Definitions

    1. A need to clearly define informatics for PT programs was identified through the review of program curricula. The definition used in the self-study workshops will be added as a footnote to the Standards and Required Element 7D40. The definition is:
      1. As defined by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, health informatics is the interdisciplinary study of the design, development, adoption, and application of IT-based innovations in healthcare services delivery, management, and planning. Medical Informatics, physician, Health IT.Jan 7, 2014.
    2. The monitoring of interprofessional education in didactic and clinical education begins January 1, 2018. Interprofessional education occurs when two or more different professions learn with, from and about each other to improve collaboration and the quality of care (WHO, 2002). Intraprofessional education occurs when PTs and PTAs learn with, from and about each other.

    Fee Increase

    Programs are need to know that there is an accreditation fee increase in 2020. The new fee is $4,500. Please be sure to put this increase in the academic budget that includes 2020.

    Archived Updates

    View past CAPTE updates.

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