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Recent Podcasts

Topic Time Date
Move Forward Radio: Total Knee Replacement 23:27 07/03/14
Defining Moment: Soaring Aspirations 7:05 07/01/14
Move Forward Radio: Summer Fit Family Challenge 14:59 06/19/14
Understanding Jimmo vs. Sebelius: SNFs 10:57 06/18/14
Understanding Jimmo vs. Sebelius: Home Health 10:13 06/18/14
Understanding Jimmo vs. Sebelius: SNFs 10:57 06/18/14
Discussion Podcast: Locomotor Requirements for Bipedal Locomotion 23:46 06/09/14
Move Forward Radio: Total Hip Replacement 15:22 06/05/14
FLR: Updates for 2014 6:24 06/04/14
June Craikcast 13:08 06/01/14
Move Forward Radio: Preventing ACL Injuries in Youth Athletes 26:57 05/22/14
Defining Moment: Caped Crusader 5:50 05/21/14
PTNow Podcast: Making It Easier to Apply Evidence in Practice 23:41 05/09/14
Avoiding Baseball Injuries 27:15 05/08/14
This Is Why: The Power of Perspective 4:56 05/01/14
May Craikcast 14:19 05/01/14
Move Forward Radio: Inspiring Development in Children 19:07 04/24/14
Move Forward Radio: Understanding Pain 28:12 04/10/14
PTJ: Craikcast 12:34 04/01/14
This Is Why: A Walk in the Park 4:27 03/31/14
Move Forward Radio: Natalie Gulbis on Back Pain and the Physical Demands of Golf 26:58 03/28/14

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