• Individuals wishing to make comments about a program seeking candidacy, accreditation, or substantive change may do so in the following manner:

    1. After reviewing the list of upcoming reviews, anyone wishing to submit written comments about a program must meet the following expectations:

    • Comments must be submitted no later than
      • April 1 for programs being reviewed at CAPTE's spring meeting
      • October 1 for programs being reviewed at CAPTE's fall meeting
    • Comments are to be sent to accreditation@apta.org and must include the subject line "Written Comments: re (program name)." The e-mail must include the name, title, affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone and facsimile numbers, and website (if any) of the person/group making the comment.
    • Comments about programs seeking candidacy, initial or reaffirmation of accreditation, or substantive change must be related to the relevant Standards and Required Elements for PT or PTA programs

    2. Only comments submitted as prescribed above will become part of the official record and be reviewed by CAPTE.

    Individuals/groups that make comments in this manner may not utilize the formal complaint process at a later date to address the same issue.

  • Last Updated: 11/16/2020
    Contact: accreditation@apta.org