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Information for Program Directors and Faculty at Accredited Programs

  • CAPTE Accreditation Portal

    The CAPTE Accreditation Portal allows for the electronic submission of program documents. Since the Portal contains confidential program information, access is allowed only with the username and password provided to the program director. Programs can review and edit the narrative components of their listing in the Directory of Accredited Programs, check contact information and submit reports (Annual Accreditation Report, Self-study Report).

    Resource Documents

    Accreditation Handbook
    Provides the rules of procedure by which CAPTE operates, including among other items:

    • Accreditation Process (Part 8)
    • Substantive Change (Part 9)
    • Program Fees (Part 16)
    • Evaluative Criteria (PTA; PT)
    • CAPTE Position Papers

    To access additional information regarding the On-site Visit process including the sample schedule, click here (.pdf).  

    Annual Accreditation Report (AAR)
    Data about accredited programs is collected annually in the AAR and is used to develop Aggregate Program Data (Fact Sheets) and to monitor compliance with the Evaluative Criteria. The next AAR is due December 1.

    Aggregate Program Data
    Includes demographic information accredited PT and PTA education programs and the numbers of accredited and developing programs.

    Additional Resources
    A list of useful CAPTE and APTA documents is provided, along with related Web pages.

    Self-study Process

    Programs submit a Self-study Report and host an on-site visit as part of the accreditation review. Current documents, including access to CAPTE Accreditation Portal documents, are provided to the program director in January in the year preceding the visit. CAPTE holds meetings twice a year to review programs.

    Self-study Workshops

    APTA's Accreditation Department holds Self-study Workshops three times a year. These Workshops are held to discuss CAPTE's expectations for specific criteria as well as to address general accreditation and self-study processes.


    A list of educational consultants, if desired, can be obtained from Jody Frost, APTA Director of Academic/Clinical Education Affairs.

    CAPTE Meetings & Visits

    Upcoming CAPTE Meetings 

    Upcoming On-site & Candidacy Visits 

    Becoming an On-site Reviewer

    Please contact Department of Accreditation staff if you are interested in becoming an on-site reviewer or you would like to nominate someone as an on-site reviewer.

    Directory of Accredited Programs

    Programs can submit changes to their listing in the Directory of Accredited Programs through the CAPTE Accreditation Portal.

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