• CAPTE Meetings & Travel

    View dates of upcoming CAPTE Meetings. Travel arrangements for meetings, expedited reconsideration and focused visits should be made using the Travel Portal. Any unique considerations related to travel arrangements and meeting attendance (i.e., dietary restrictions, early arrival or departure, etc) should be discussed with CAPTE staff as soon as details become available.

    The CAPTE Community pages, which are only accessible to Commissioners, are used in preparation for meetings of the Commission and contain announcements, panel agendas, background information for discussion topics/issues, and the draft Summaries of Action for all programs identified on the next meeting agenda of the Commission.

    CAPTE Accreditation Portal

    The CAPTE Accreditation Portal provides Commissioners with an opportunity to keep their personal and professional information current, update conflicts with programs before and after meetings, and review all related materials for programs assigned to them for review (i.e., Self study Reports, Applications for Candidacy, Compliance Reports). Beginning in 2011, all program documentation will be available through the CAPTE Accreditation Portal.

    Resource Documents

    The CAPTE Accreditation Process is defined through a series of foundational documents which represent and delineate the nature and scope of the Commission's work.

    Accreditation Handbook
    Includes the rules of procedure by which CAPTE operates, the Evaluative Criteria, CAPTE's position papers and other information regarding the candidacy and accreditation and verification process.

    CAPTE Procedure Manual
    Includes materials on Commissioner orientation, the roles and functions of CAPTE staff and Commissioners, information on writing Summaries of Action, and more. It is available to Commissioners on CAPTE's Google Drive webpage.

    Recent Actions by CAPTE
    The Commission publishes all actions taken by the Commission once the decision is considered final. All decisions made during regularly scheduled and special meetings of the Commission are made available for the various stakeholders of accreditation and physical therapy education.

    What's New
    A webpage for programs, on-site reviewers, and licensing boards that provides information regarding CAPTE's actions, rule changes and upcoming activities.

    Aggregate Program Data
    Includes demographic information accredited PT and PTA education programs and the numbers of accredited and developing programs.

  • Last Updated: 2/13/2018
    Contact: accreditation@apta.org